Moni & J

Moni & J’s mission is simple: design and produce modern and chic handbags for women around the world. The designs of the collections are made to blend easily with any look and can easily transition from day to night; making them perfect for any woman on the go. Moreover, behind every Moni & J handbag there are a set of values:

● Make a statement: Be unique and do it with style. Moni & J handbags are both a head turner and a conversation starter.

● Concept to creation: Moni & J handbags are designed with both originality and the modern woman in mind. Starting from concept creation to production, each phase is handled with care.

● Timeless design: Combining modern and classic themes, Moni & J handbags can be found in any social engagement, carried by women of all ages.

Though our headquarters are based in Kuwait, the designer handbags are also sold in Qatar and New York.

The Woman Behind Moni & J

Handbag design has been a lifelong passion for Manar. Her infatuation with designing leather goods started when she was a little girl in Syria. Customizing leather bags with her mother from a young age, she knew even then that design was her true calling in life.

Destined for a life of design, Manar launched Moni & J in 2012. She chose the brand’s name to reflect what defines her; Moni was her nickname growing up and J is the first letter of both her husband and twin daughter’s names. Further expressed in this name is Manar’s belief that her successes as a modern woman comes from the support of her loving husband and her desire to become a good role model for her two young daughters.